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Professionalism in Parking Accreditation (PiPA) –

invitation to tender

Summary of requirement – outcome based approach

The BPA is seeking external consultancy support to lead the promotion and rapid uptake of both our healthcare and higher and further education PiPA’s. The aim of this initiative is to promote the healthcare and higher and further education PiPA’s and secure the sale of this new product to potential customers in order to further professionalism and standards across the sector.

Scope of works

The minimum requirements for this project are:

  • Available to commit at least 2 days/wk on average from mid-August through to January 2017
  • Leverage parking sector knowledge and professional network to inform approach to this work
  • Identification and participation at relevant sector meetings (at least 6) that would help to raise awareness and secure the uptake of PiPA
  • Develop a ‘sales pitch’ for the Healthcare PiPA that can be shared with BPA officers and other members as appropriate (e.g. parking operators when talking with clients)
  • There is no requirement for the consultant to be based in the BPA office and would encourage them to work remotely in order to facilitate their potential client engagement
  • We would expect as a minimum: a fortnightly update on activities and progress (via email/ phone); monthly project meeting (by phone); and 3 face to face meeting as appropriate (e.g. kick-off meeting and mid-point progress meeting?).

Please note that this project focuses on the healthcare and higher and further education PiPA’s and does not cover other sectors. Annex 1 and 2 provide background information on PiPA and the associated PiPA audit approach respectively.

We are keen to work in partnership with the consultant and in particular provide clarification and/ or technical information as required. Given the outcome based nature of this work specification we would welcome innovative proposals on how this can be best achieved.

Incentive mechanism

We propose to include the following incentive mechanism as part of the agreed arrangements for this work. In summary the consultant would be payed a one off percentage of those relevant PiPAs secured by them within the period of this agreement and evidenced by a corresponding purchase order and client confirmation letter. The indicative incentive levels are below…

  • 1 to 10 PiPAs sold – 8% per accreditation
  • 11 to 20 PiPAs sold – 10% per accreditation
  • 21+ PiPAs sold – 14% per accreditation


Next steps

We are looking for innovative proposals to secure the rapid uptake of PiPA. If you would be interested in providing the relevant support then we would be delighted to consider your proposal of works and associated fee for this project.

Indicative timetable

  • 17 August (noon) - Tender return date
  • 22 August - Final pricing/ scope adjustment negotiations finalised
  • 24 August - Confirmation of contract

NB: it may be necessary to hold an interview with potential candidate/s which may impact the above timetable.

Please return your electronic response by noon, 17 August to: Julia Steer at Julia.s@britishparking.co.uk.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of this proposed scope of works please do get in touch with Nick Teasdale at: nick.t@britishparking.co.uk.

Annex 1: Background

Annex 2: The PiPA audit 



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