The British Parking Association (BPA) is in talks with the Department of Communities and Local Government and DVLA regarding PCN’s issued on railway land.

The Lead Adjudicator of POPLA has concerns that as railway land is managed under Statutory Byelaws, any parking tickets issued may be outside the scope of POPLA and he has taken appropriate action of adjourning such cases while he considers how best to proceed.

Railway Byelaws contain provision for clamping and for cases to be taken to a Magistrates Court where the fine may be up to £1,000 and could result in the motorist getting a criminal record.

The train operating company has a right to manage their land and the BPA is working with Government and other stakeholders to provide clarity and consistency so that an acceptable and more proportionate solution can be identified and when the adjourned cases will be decided.

The BPA believes in ensuring that all recipients of PCNs should have access to independent redress if they feel the Notice issued to them is unfair. Without clarification of this issue there is a danger that motorists will be worse off by not having access to an appeals service for Notices issued on railway land.

Patrick Troy, BPA CEO said: “POPLA offers motorists a simple, free appeals service for parking tickets issued on private land. We want to make absolutely certain that POPLA is available when motorists park at railway stations as in most cases management is undertaken by a private parking company who must offer an independent appeals service.”

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