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16 January 2017

Monday Musing: Strictly Boardroom

Strictly Boardroom, is far less musical than Baz Luhrmann’s film Strictly Ballroom but it is still an interesting and fun story.

This week the BPA begins the process of holding some elections within its membership for 21 positions on the Council of Representatives.

The Council of Representatives plays a pivotal role in the governance of the BPA.

“Governance” is a scary word isn’t it? 

Make no mistake, the Council of Representatives is NOT there to police things.  It’s there to help the board and its members understand their roles, to grow in their understanding and ability to serve, and to continually capture feedback about how to improve the experience and effectiveness of the BPA in serving its members.

The Council of Representatives is elected from within the association’s members and represents the major areas of activity and influence within the Association. Its role and purpose is to influence the long term direction of the Association and its mission by giving advice and guidance to the BPA Board.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to join and have an impact on your Association.

You will have the opportunity for learning and growing alongside your peers in the parking community who have a shared passion for raising standards.. You would contribute to that common purpose.

You could also use this as a CPD opportunity, to improve your learning and increase your skills and knowledge.

Being a member of the Council is a great opportunity to have your say and to highlight issues that you care about and that matter to your peers. You will be at the forefront, driving and influencing progress within the parking community, this can be incredibly rewarding.

Being a Council member is one of the great advantages of BPA membership, so make the most of it!

Please look out for nomination calling emails in your inbox shortly.

Applications need to be submitted by 10th February 2017 so keep your eyes open for further information on elections.

 Governance is FUN…really!

For further information on how the BPA governance works click here.  

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