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03 April 2017

Monday Musing: Challenges at Parkex


Parkex is THE premier parking event where the profession comes together to showcase and discover what’s new and innovative in the ever changing world of parking. 

New technologies are revolutionising the way people travel and challenging the way parking is managed, for example with free flow and seamless access managed by ANPR and post-event or one click payment for parking, new technology is facilitating an evolution in the way parking solutions and services are delivered.

Parkex is the perfect place to learn about and showcase these technologies, so we’ll be doing just that on the Innovation Trail. A range of hand selected cutting edge products, services and technology will be marked out with footprints on the Parkex show floor for visitors to follow.

According to a study by economists at the consultancy Deloitt, census results in England and Wales since 1871 finds the rise of machines has been a job creator rather than making working humans obsolete. At the Parkex Hub we will be exploring the potential of these and other cutting edge technologies in debates, case studies and presentations. From the technology provider to the organisation using it on the street, it is an opportunity to expand your knowledge and test your creativity.

According to OpenEurope, 47% of British voters surveyed just six months after the referendum would vote Leave, with 45% saying they would choose to Remain, even though nearly half of them expect Brexit to hurt them financially. The remaining 8% of respondents said they didn’t know how they would vote. As of last Wednesday the UK is officially on the path out of the European Union and we will start to see changes take place. A challenging time indeed, but with our Brexit Breakfast Club on Thursday morning from 08:30am, we will share views and listen to concerns about what Brexit could potentially mean and do our best to ensure the parking profession are as ready and informed as possible.

Down a different road completely is the Parkex Parking Challenge. The BPA has teamed up with the Driving Instructors Association to present Parkex attendees with this opportunity to test your skills behind the wheel. Parking is a core part of driving – and therefore a core part of learning to drive. So why not come along and test out your parking skills beside a driving instructor on the Parkex floor! There are no mandatory re-testing of drivers post licensure unlike other countries. In Sweden if a driver commits a serious traffic offence during that time, the licence is revoked, and the driver must retake the driving test to regain it. Do you still drive the way you were taught?

Parkex is an excellent opportunity not only to network, or to find solutions to some problems you face, but also to keep up to date with the latest movements in parking.

As towns, cities and society evolves it is important to keep up with how people move and become mobile. Parkex will help us think bigger and with a wider vision.

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