We were shocked by the recent revelation that parking across two, or three spaces, sometimes even more, (how big are people’s cars?) is considered to be acceptable by a minority of motorists and even celebrated in some cases.

It is an act that shows a lack of consideration for others and anyone with an ounce of humanity is outraged by what seems like a relatively new phenomenon.

Why do it? Stories have emerged that motorists do this to protect their vehicles, to prevent any dents in their car doors and provide enough space to get out of the vehicle. But really do you have such a negative view of all your fellow motorists?

Is your car that dented? If it is, where on earth are you parking?

Perhaps rather than being greedy you need to reconsider where you park your car, and look for car parks that offer safer parking. Look out for Park Mark!

Let us hope this is not a new trend. Jeremy Clarkson has plenty of opinions of many issues but why do many seemingly agree with him on this?

Proper parking, especially when it’s not parallel parking, is one of the skills the modern world demands of motorists, and it’s everyone’s responsibility.

Passing your driving test and owning a car does not give you the right to use it whatever way you like. With great power, comes great responsibility. There are rules for a reason, just as there are lines for a reason in the car park.

No, the lines do not glow or flash, nor do car parks offer a personal attendant for each bay to signal you in with orange paddles to marshal you in, like they would with a plane.

But all you need to do is aim between the lines and slowly drive forwards or backwards.

We’ve written a few blogs with some helpful tips to assist you in mastering the art of parking:

We advise all motorists to park safely and responsibly for the benefit of themselves and their fellow motorists. Bay lines are part of a range of other services to ensure that the car park operates safely and effectively throughout its working life.

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