The RAC has published research showing that cost and availability are the top issues for drivers in relation to parking.

Commenting on the RAC's announcement, Kelvin Reynolds, BPA Director of Policy and Public Affairs, said:

'Our most recent research report mirrors the RAC’s findings, with cost ranked as a significant factor for motorists when looking for somewhere to park. However, the research also showed that drivers are more than happy to pay for parking as long as the car park is in a good location (67%) and easy to access (51%). Where there are critics of the cost of parking, it is important to note that there is no such thing as a free parking place - somebody is paying for it. This is true everywhere: in town centres, at the beach and in the countryside. Some car parks may be free at the point of use but someone is paying for their upkeep and maintenance. If they are patrolled to keep them safe someone is paying for that too. So-called free parking is subsidised in some way, either by council tax payers or business ratepayers or a combination of both. The money generated by councils goes towards ensuring quality, well managed and safer parking facilities across the UK, with effective parking and traffic management being essential in supporting the sustainable growth of our town centres and high streets.'

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