28/09/2015 - Monday Musing: No Withering nor Wuthering Heights Please!

The BPA is concerned that Britain’s many aging car parks are properly serviced and maintained. The earliest surviving car parks that we know of, that still remain as functioning car parks include the Botanic Gardens Garage, the oldest motor... read more

21/09/2015 - Monday Musing: What if we tried something a little more radical?

Do we all remember the EU saying they will ban petrol and diesel cars by 2050? What if one day we woke up and all personal cars were banned. read more

14/09/2015 - Monday Musing: Let’s think about disability

A key strand of the BPA strategy is to put the consumer at the heart of our thinking but how are we doing as a business sector when it comes to equalities? read more

10/09/2015 - BPA investigating concerns of evidence tampering by UKPC

The British Parking Association is currently investigating allegations of evidence tampering by parking operator, UK Parking Control. In the meantime, motorists are advised to continue to appeal parking tickets in the usual way – firstly to... read more

07/09/2015 - Monday Musing: A Return to Madness

Four episodes of parking related prime-time TV were repeated over the last month as BBC One revisited Parking Mad. The series covered everything in parking from the benefits of Park and Ride for a congested town to the adjudication service and wha... read more

01/09/2015 - Monday Musing: Playing the parking game

A car park in The Safer Parking Scheme ensures the parking experience is elevated to a higher level and the investment taken to safeguard people and vehicles is endorsed by the Park Mark logo. The scheme has been running for 11 years and has m... read more

27/08/2015 - Latest European Parking Association newsletter out now

The latest edition of the European Parking Association newsletter has been released and is available here. It includes the full programme for next month's EPA Congress, which is taking place from 23-25 September in B... read more

26/08/2015 - Parking Summit: Parking on Private Land BPA calls for a proper debate - for everyone’s...

The British Parking Association today calls for a Parking Summit to facilitate a proper debate about the management of parking on private land read more

24/08/2015 - Monday Musing: Game of Zones not Game of Thrones

Instead of dealing with the continents of Westeros and Essos, our parking world is sometimes filled with dealing with parking restriction zones among others. read more

17/08/2015 - Monday Musing: Can technology enhance the user experience?

Parking has a major influence on people’s travel decisions. The emergence of technology is playing a major role in the management of travel, traffic and parking, creating real change and starting to shape the future of how we deliver services to t... read more