Master Plan for Parking

The BPA launched its annual Master Plan for Parking on June 29th at the President’s Reception. This is the sixth annual Master Plan.

In all of the Master Plans we will continue to push for consistency in parking management solutions. We believe the government should establish a single standard setting body that is accountable to government and will enhance standards by a maintaining a single scheme of sanctions and single independent appeals service for motorists.

Our Master Plan sets out our agenda to ‘Enable a Mobile Society’ and by Setting standards, Promoting professionalism, Advocating sustainability, Challenging perceptions and Encouraging innovation, we aim to achieve the best outcome for the motorist and the wider parking profession: 

As with last year, whilst many issues are common we have produced different versions for governments of the UK, Scotland and Wales.

2015 UK Master Plan Cover

Master Plan for Parking 2015-16


2015 Scottish master Plan Cover

Master Plan for Parking in Scotland 2015-16


2015 Welsh Eng Master Plan Cover

Master Plan for Parking in Wales 2015-16 (English language)

Master Plan for Parking in Wales 2015-16 (Welsh language)



A Shared Parking Plan for the Island of Ireland 2013-14

A 'Shared Parking Plan for the Island of Ireland' launched at the EPA Congress on 11 - 13th September 2013 in Dublin.

The Master Plan supports our more formal approach of influencing government policy and we are well positioned to work closely with government both at Minister and Officer level.

If you would like to discuss any of the points outlined in the Master Plan, or would like a hard copy, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Similarly if you are aware of someone you think should receive a copy of the Master Plan, we would be happy to send them a copy.


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