BPA Elections

Members considering putting themselves forward to contribute to the work of the Council of Representatives, Board or group should make themselves aware of the BPA’s  'Conflicts of Interest' policy. Declarations of Conflicts of Interest are requested at the start of all meetings and members may be required to leave the meeting during any items where a conflict is identified.

For more information and to nominate yourself for any of the positions via the boxes below or please email elections@britishparking.co.uk  

Vacancies on the BPA Board

A member of the BPA Board is a Director of the Association whose core role is to give coherent leadership to the Association by effectively integrating the skills of the Board and the management team during their term of office. This involves not only ensuring that skills are complementary but that both the BPA Board and the Council's structure and working processes encourage open and constructive debate and make best use of the individuals involved.

Vacancies on the Council

The Council is the forum which acts as the hub where significant developments are discussed, future strategies considered and major decisions taken. The Council plays a crucial role in the Association's governance and holds the BPA Board to account.

Vacancies on the Public Affairs and Communications Board

The Public Affairs and Communications Board oversees the design, development and delivery of the BPA Communications Strategy and oversees the design, development and delivery of the BPA’s public affairs and lobbying policy to influence all UK governments and EU policy (through membership of the European Parking Association). 

Vacancies on the Professional Development & Standards Board

The Professional Development and Standards Board is to maintain and enhance the BPA’s position as the recognised professional body promoting and maintaining standards, skills and the development of individuals working in the parking profession.

Vacancies on the Operational Services Board

The Operational Services Board oversees the day-to-day delivery of the BPA Approved Operator Scheme (including POPLA), the Safer Parking Scheme and other similar schemes developed by the BPA, while supporting and driving a positive profile of the BPA, its members and the parking profession.

Vacancies of the Technology, Innovation and Research Board

The Technology, Innovation and Research Board oversees the BPA and its membership efforts to stay at the forefront of technology innovation and research in the Parking Sector. By informing members of key programmes within the BPA’s research strategy, promoting awareness and take up of new technology. The board will also work in collaboration with the Public Affairs and Coomunucations Board to support and evidence the Public Affairs work.