Who benefits from CPD?

Everyone who learns benefits from CPD. Parking is not a formally regulated profession, in contrast, for example, to the legal or accounting professions. CPD is therefore optional and an individual decision. This serves to mark out, even more so than in other professions, those who participate in a CPD Programme. It demonstrates your personal commitment to your improvement and advancement.

Why should I undertake CPD?

As a parking professional, you undertake CPD almost every day. You are actually doing CPD by reading these frequently asked questions. To be successful in your career you need to be up to date with the changing world of the parking sector and this includes maintaining, developing, and/or enhancing your knowledge and competence. The benefits of recording and planning your CPD include enhancing your status as a professional, helping you progress in your career, as well as providing you with tangible evidence of your skills and abilities.

I'm not looking for promotion so why should I do CPD?

Participation in a CPD scheme is about maintenance of knowledge and skills as much as developing new ones. Even if you are not seeking promotion, or do not expect to move from your present job, you will be affected by changes in the workplace e.g. new legislation, working practices or company culture. Participation in the CPD scheme recognises your response and management of changes affecting your role.

Opportunities for advancing my career are limited, how can recording my CPD help me?

The framework of planning and recording your development provides the opportunity for you to consider how your career is progressing and, if you wish to make any changes, to identify the knowledge and skills which you need to develop.

How can I fit CPD in with all I have to do?

As mentioned earlier, although you may not recognise it, you are almost certainly already doing CPD. In order to be able to perform your duties completely you are most likely keeping up to date with changes in a variety of relevant aspects e.g. legislation, best practice, technology etc. Alternatively, you may be training others or taking part in an appraisal or training programme. This is valuable CPD activity. For it to be accommodated within the framework of the scheme it simply needs to be properly recorded and evidenced. The scheme enables this to be done with a minimum of effort and paperwork.

What happens if I change my job?

Changing job will not be an issue as you take your CPD records with you. Your CPD objectives might change as you start a new job, so it would be worthwhile completing another assessment and ensuring you are still working on the right development areas.

Will my portfolio be checked?

As a committed parking professional, you are responsible for your own CPD activities and you are expected to complete the required hours every year. The BPA will not check to ensure you do this, but it is in your own professional interests to demonstrate this commitment.

What happens if I don't complete my CPD?

As a BPA member, you are expected to undertake CPD. We assume that you will work towards developing yourself as a parking professional and enhance yours skills and competence. In doing this, you will meet this expectation.

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