Brand Guidelines

The Park Mark brand has been created to portray a consistent image that will do the scheme justice. The intention is to give the Safer Parking Scheme a uniform corporate identity, greater visibility and more powerful marketing possibilities.  Below is an extract from the Brand Manual explaining how to use the Park Mark logo.

Only awarded car parks are permitted to display the logo, which is a registered trade mark.  Companies found displaying Park Mark without awarded car parks will be reported to Trading Standards

Like any brand manual, the objective is to help people who use the brand to understand the brand values and provide detailed specifications and guidance on the use of all aspects of the brand. We hope you find it useful.

Did you know that currently 83% of all commercial communication appeals only to one sense – our eyes! A very strong argument for using the Park Mark brand to its full potential.

Park Mark is a powerful tool for marketing and promoting your award, and to demonstrate to the public that your parking facilities have achieved Safer Parking status. By promoting and displaying a positive message to your customers, Park Mark will help increase your business.

Part of the reason Park Mark is so powerful is because of its unique identity. The Park Mark brand:

  • Inspires trust
  • Promotes quality parking facilities
  • Provides a safe environment
  • Increases the visibility of your service offerings

In essence, the Park Mark brand demonstrates your commitment to your customers and their well-being, making it easy for your customers to find you! These guidelines have been designed to help you to display and use Park Mark in such a way that it retains this identity.

Wherever you display the Park Mark logo you must follow these guidelines precisely. Deviating from these guidelines could result in your Park Mark status being removed. Should you find that you have any queries regarding the use of Park Mark, which have not been addressed in the guide, please contact your Area Manager in the first instance, or the Safer Parking Scheme Team.


How to use the Park Mark logo

These guidelines apply to all application areas. Please read this section before producing any item containing the Park Mark logo. The only version of the Park Mark logo that you should use is the logo block as seen below. This is available in vertical or horizontal format and is supplied in various file formats below

SPS JPEG landscape.jpg   SPS JPG portrait

We have different formats of logos available for award holders. Please email to request the logos. These will also be sent to you by email on successful achievement of your award.

The Park Mark logo must always be used in its complete form. No element of it can be changed in any way.

Exclusion Zone

The Park Mark logo block must always be surrounded by an 'exclusion zone'. This is an area surrounding the logo block that is left completely clear to ensure maximum clarity. The size of the exclusion zone must be equivalent to the height of the 'M' (see diagram below). This means that the zone is always proportional to the size of the logo. There should never be any other element, for example text, headlines, or other logos within this area.

 Exclusion Zone image

Minimum Size

The Park Mark logo block should never be smaller than 25mm wide. However if it is used between 5mm and 25mm the ® sign should be removed. 


The logo is always reproduced in one colour as follows:

Spot colour Pantone Process Cyan

CMYK 100% Cyan

Web #0099FF (R=0 G=153 B=255)

Ideally the logo should be positioned on a white background. Where the background is not white, a keyline must be added around the logo block as shown. 

keyline image

Where the cyan blue version cannot be used the logo should be reproduced in black. No other colours are acceptable. Again, if the logo is not on a white background, the keyline version of the logo must be used.

black logos


How and where to promote Park Mark

Park Mark is a Trademark. The tick types and the words Park Mark are registered trademarks and may only be used under license. Award holders are encouraged to promote their award where they can but must use licensed suppliers.

If you employ in-house or term contract suppliers or wish to use a supplier who currently does not hold the license please email us and we will be pleased to arrange for a license to be issued.

Park Mark can be promoted using a wide variety of promotional and marketing material, including, but not limited to:

  • Leaflets
  • Posters
  • Signs
  • Websites
  • Letters to customers
  • Parking tickets
  • Advertising material

In fact the Park Mark logo can be used virtually anywhere, as long as it follows our guidelines.

Car Park Operators - please prominently display your Park Mark award status in all parking facilities that have gained the award.

The full Brand Manual has straplines that you can use to provide context to the award.  For example, "Cleaner, brighter, safer car parks" which is used on Park Mark posters clearly tells motorists what the award is for.

Please note: you must not imply that all your parking facilities hold the award unless they do. Take care of the language you use when advertising your award status.  If all your parking facilities do hold the award, you could say the following on marketing literature:

"All our car parks have achieved Park Mark, Safer Parking Awards. This means that they have been assessed by the police and have measures in place to deter criminal activity, creating a safer environment for both you and your vehicle.

If only some of your parking facilities hold the Award, you could say the following:

"Some of our car parks have achieved the Park Mark, Safer Parking Award. This means that they have been assessed by the police and have measures in place to deter criminal activity, creating a safer environment for both you and your vehicle. (You must name the car parks).


Although the Scheme is supported by Police-CPI, Police Scotland, The Home Office, Scottish Executive, the Police Service of Northern Ireland and the British Parking Association, there is no need to list them on communication material intended for the public.

Stationery and website

As an award holder you are entitled to display the Park Mark logo on your business stationery and website.

The logo should only ever be used as an endorsement in relationship to your company logo and should never be more prominent than this.

The exact position of the logo block is flexible as it will need to fit with your company logo and guidelines. The diagrams below show how to position the logo.


Promotional literature

All points in the General Rules section must be followed when producing any promotional literature incorporating the Park Mark logo.

Below is a suggested paragraph that you can use or adapt for your specific purposes:

"This parking area is a Park Mark Safer Parking facility, which means that the area has been assessed by the police and has measures in place in order to create a safer environment for you."


You may choose to display the Park Mark logo on the back of the tickets issued by your facility. All points in the General Rules section must be followed when incorporating the logo on ticketing.

We recommend that, as a minimum, you place Park Mark signs at your entrance (A3 size) and on your pay machine or ticket booth (A5 size). In addition, if you wish to put extra Park Mark signage in your facility you could consider putting them on lift entrances, on walkways to and from the parking facility and at the exit

Other means of advertising could include stickers on litter bins or on uniforms and clothing

Posters, plaques and outdoor signage

It is vital that the Park Mark logo always stands alone. If you wish to associate your logo or organisation's message with Park Mark on posters, plaques and outdoor signage, this must be done in a white band underneath the Park Mark brand.  Examples are detailed in the full Brand Manual.

Standard sizes available

We have produced four standard sizes that are available for you to purchase from Safer Parking Scheme licensed suppliers. These are A3, A4, A5 and A6. Below are recommendations of where each size of sign should be used:

  • A3 size - Entrance and exit
  • A4 szie - Internal walls, next to lifts, pay machines
  • A5 size - On pay machines and ticket booths
  • A6 size - On pay machines and ticket booths

These sizes have been chosen to cover a wide range of applications in your parking facility. In the unlikely event that you require signage of a different size to the ones listed, please contact your Area Manager.

Recommended Suppliers

Please see our list of licensed suppliers. Should you wish to work with your existing supplier, this can be done provided your supplier obtains a license from us. No supplier is permitted to manufacture and supply Park Mark signage, or other branded items, without first obtaining this license. Please note that this has to be requested by yourself, or by your supplier on behalf of yourself.

Please contact the Safer Parking Scheme Team for further details on how to work with your existing supplier.

Listing stakeholders on Park Mark material designed for the public

Although the Scheme is supported by Police-CPI, Police Scotland, The Home Office, Scottish Executive, the Police Service of Northern Ireland and the British Parking Association, there is no need to list the five main stakeholders on communication material intended for the public.

If you have a query that is not answered by the contents of this guide please email the Safer Parking Team or call 01444 447300.

Events and conference support

To promote and market the scheme, the Safer Parking Team attends and exhibits at a wide variety of events, from the ALO (Architectural Liaison Officers) BPA Annual Conference, Parkex, retail crime prevention events, railway parking and many more.



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