Annex 1: Background

The BPA has launched a new, audited accreditation for organisations: the Professionalism in Parking Accreditation (PiPA). Organisations that hold PiPA are at the forefront of a revolution in parking professionalism.

Through PiPA, the BPA recognises and celebrates the highest standards of professionalism in parking. We have initially launched PiPA specifically for healthcare landowners such as NHS trusts, and higher and further education landowners such as universities and colleges. Other sectors in the parking profession will follow. The first healthcare PiPAs were awarded to Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust and Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust at a House of Commons reception in November 2015.

Organisations that hold PiPA are nationally recognised role-models for parking professionalism and excellence. PiPA celebrates the high standards that already exist, and the accreditation also helps to raise levels of customer service for patients (at healthcare facilities), students (at higher and further education facilities), visitors and staff, increasing car-park user satisfaction and improving the reputation of healthcare and higher and further education landowners (thus helping to counteract the negative approach of the media). This is an accreditation that healthcare and higher and further education landowners can be proud of.

A PiPA-holder takes seriously every aspect of its parking operation, treats parking staff as ambitious professionals (providing them with support, encouragement and recognition), has an ethical ethos that meets the needs of the wider community, and commits to improving parking services continuously. All of this helps to ensure that customer service is unrivalled.

Annex 2: The PiPA audit

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